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Frequently Asked Questions - EMail

FAQs - email

1. Go to or in secure mode at Click YES if you receive the security message 2. Under the "Mail" icon, choose "Add/Remove Accounts" link 3. Click "Add Account" link on bottom of page, and then type the new username and the password. 4. Type in a mailbox quota if desired. 5. Click "Create" and you will have successfully created an email account

We are seeing this on a daily basis from our customers. People who could send email yesterday can't send it today. ISPs are blocking third party mail servers to prevent spam through their network. You can confirm by calling up your ISP and ask them if they are blocking third party SMTP port 25.

There are two workarounds:

1. You can change the outgoing (SMTP) port to 26 to bypass ISP filtering
2. You can use your ISP SMTP mail server setting (ie, etc) or call your ISP for more information

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It is not necessary to create email aliases for your default email account, as your default (primary email account for the domain) acts as a "Catch All" account. In other words, "" will be automatically be delivered to your default mail account.

To use aliases off other email accounts in your domain, go to your Control Panel, and under the Mail Menu heading select "Forwarders." Fill in the blanks (it's easy, you'll see when you get there.)

You may also use forwarders to forward email from any of your domain email accounts to other addresses.

Type or in secure mode (Replace with your actual domain name), click YES if you receive the security message.

You can also login to your Control Panel and click "Web Mail" icon

There are 3 different webmail programs to choose. Test each one and see which is best for you.

Log in with the POP account username and password.

NOTE: For all email accounts created after the primary/default account, in other words for all extra email accounts you create from cPanel, the email username/login name will be the entire email address instead of just the "user" name you created for that email account. Whereas for your primary email account your login name is simply "username", for all other email accounts in your hosting account, the login name will be ""

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There is a Outlook (Express) Autoconfig link in your email panel under "Mail"-->"Add/Remove Accounts" link

1. Open Eudora client
2. Click Tools -> Options
3. Depending on the Eudora version:
Under LOGIN or GETTING STARTED, enter name+domain
It is very important to add the plus sign.
4. Tools -> Options -> SENDING MAIL
Select "NEVER" on drop down box for Secure Sockets
When Sending

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